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An introduction to the common sense of the assembly line


An introduction to the common sense of the assembly line

Pipeline introduction
Assembly line, also known as assembly line, an industrial mode of production, refers to the work of each production unit focusing only on one piece of work to improve work efficiency and production. According to the pipelining mode, it can be divided into the belt assembly line, the chain line, the double speed chain, the plug-in line, the net strip, the suspension line and the rolling line. Tube line these seven types of pipeline. Generally, it consists of a traction part, a bearing member, a driving device, a tightening device, a reversing device and a supporting element. The pipeline has high scalability, and can be designed according to demand, transportation speed, assembly station, auxiliary parts (including fast joint, fan, electric lamp, socket, technology Kanban, 24V power supply, wind batch and so on), so it is widely welcomed by enterprises; assembly line is an effective combination of human and machine, the most fully embodying the spirit of the equipment. It can organically combine the conveying system, the follower fixture and the on-line special machine and the testing equipment, so as to meet the transportation requirements of many kinds of products. Transmission lines are transmitted by synchronous transmission / (mandatory) or asynchronous transmission / (flexible). According to the selection of configuration, the requirements for assembly and transportation can be realized. Conveyor line is indispensable in the mass production of enterprises.
The advantages of the pipeline
1. integrate the production process, and arrange various workstations on the production line to meet production needs.
2. high scalability, and can be designed according to the needs of the factory.
3. saving factory production costs, to a certain extent, to save the number of production workers, to achieve a certain degree of automation production, early investment is not high, the rate of return is high.
Characteristics of pipeline