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Personnel training in the packaging line industry must be strengthened


Personnel training in the packaging line industry must be strengthened

At present, the packaging machinery industry in China is still developing at a high speed, but the irrational industrial structure has hindered the pace of development of the industry. After a long period of market expansion, the industry has entered the stabilizer of adjustment and integration, which has also increased the difficulty of change. However, the condition of the large production packaging line depends on the importation, and the excessive dependence on the imported technology has been a big stone to prevent the domestic packaging machine from going to the international market. The steady situation has been a continuous block.
There is still a big gap in our domestic packaging machinery compared with foreign countries. We also need to continuously improve the technology of equipment. We have also strengthened the training of talents in this field. Some well-known universities have set up corresponding specialties.
Moreover, many of the major domestic manufacturers have own independent research and development capabilities to make our equipment higher, and our country is now giving a high evaluation of scientific research results, giving strong financial support, and the future of China's brand can also gallop the world.
Now, some well-known universities in China have set up corresponding specialties to strengthen the training of talents in this field. Many large well-known manufacturers in China also have independent research and development capabilities, enabling independent production equipment to be higher. Relevant research achievements have been supported by the state and financial support. This is no doubt the strong backing for China's brand to gallop the world in the future. Of course, the future of China's packaging machinery can be strong in the world, still need the unremitting efforts of the country, industry, enterprises and every practitioner, we have reason to believe that that day is not too far.
The multi-function development trend of the automatic packaging production line is bound to be widely used in the development, design and manufacture of food and beverage packaging. The development trend is to improve the automation level of the single machine and improve the automatic control level and production capacity of the whole packaging line. Greatly improve the quality of food and beverage packaging production equipment, and enhance its domestic and international competitiveness.
The full automatic packaging line makes up a dragon type production line for packing, sealing and packing machine. The container is sealed and packaged by the packing machine after the filling machine is filled with the filling machine. Finally, the packaging is packaged, which improves the production efficiency and creates more benefit in the same time. We advocate the use of full automatic filling machine to improve the production efficiency of enterprises.
Related: teach you how to increase the output of the packaging line. The packaging automatic production line can be divided into three types: series, parallel and mixed. Generally, there are more series and mixed production lines. According to the characteristics of packaging machines, they can be divided into three types: rigid, flexible and semi flexible production lines.