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Several common automatic electroplating lines


Several common automatic electroplating lines

Several common automatic electroplating lines in the electroplating factory in China include the straight line Longmen automatic production line, the ring vertical lift type production line, the roll plating production line, the plastic electroplating automatic production line and so on.
Straight line Longmen production line: the characteristics of the linear Longmen electroplating line use the Longmen crane to lift the electroplating parts (with the pole of the hanger or the roller for roll plating). All kinds of slots used in electroplating are arranged in a straight line or a number of straight lines. The crane moves along the track in a straight line, and uses one or two pairs of lifting hooks on the crane to carry it, so that the automatic line is required to complete the processing task according to the required procedure. The Longmen crane has good rigidity, heavy lifting and smooth operation. It is suitable for various sizes of plating slots to lift the workpiece. This type of car body structure can be used for the automatic line with large plating length. The operation track is installed on both sides of the tank, which has the advantages of slowing down the corrosion of track and operation and checking the fault of electrical sensing. The high precision computer control of the automatic line with large plating bath has the function of automatic memory and storage of the parameters of the production process, and can be equipped with vibration and swing and air. Agitation; PLC automatic control, operation precision; can be equipped with high precision filter to ensure the high quality of the coating; also can be equipped with high quality rectifying machine to ensure the stability of electroplating.
Ring vertical lift electroplating production line: the ring vertical lift type electroplating line is very different from the ordinary electroplating line structure. The transversal and lifting of the workpiece are no longer aimed at the single slot, but the whole line hangers and the workpiece action at the same time. The single slot workpiece goes up, transversely and drops into the next slot. The workpiece in the plating tank and the multipurpose medicine tank is continuously moved in the tank without lifting.
The movement of the workpiece is carried out by the motor driving the chain and the chain dragging the track. The lifting of the workpiece is also driven by the motor by the motor. The chain drives the lifting platform to hold the slider, the hanger, the hanger and the workpiece to move up and down. All the movements and safety protection are controlled by the sensor, through certain settings, It can achieve many special procedures, such as multiple sets of programs, dropping water in the air, job hopping and falling to high places.
The application range of ring vertical lift electroplating line is very wide. It is mainly used for many kinds, small parts, large production and single process, including electroplating of plastic, the electroplating of nickel chrome, copper plating, ABS copper nickel chromium and other electroplating requirements.
Roll plating production line: the roller plate is formed by sheet bending or special grid plate. It can drive independently, drive roller, chain drive, 45 degree spiral gear steering transmission, independent motor and reducer drive. It can be rotated in stepless speed and adopts frequency converter or direct current motor.
Plastic electroplating automatic production line: plastic electroplating is widely used in automotive decoration parts, mobile phone decoration parts and signs and other industries. With the expansion of engineering plastics, the scope of plastic electroplating is also expanding, which is mainly applied to the electroplating treatment of ABSPC plastic products.
First of all, a layer of metal is obtained on the basic surface of the plastic, which has the advantages of two kinds of plastic box metal, both of which are metallized and then electroplated.
The metallized plastic overcomes many defects of the plastic itself, and has good solvent resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, light resistance, thermal conductivity, good metal appearance, and hardness of the coating.