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The present situation and future of the development of packaging machinery industry


The present situation and future of the development of packaging machinery industry

The packaging has become a trend, and the packaging machinery industry is booming, whether it is food or living supplies, even large pieces of household goods need packaging. Especially for the food industry, all kinds of packaging equipment emerge in an endless stream, from printing packaging to microcomputer combined scale to finished packaging and selling, and the innovation of each link has brought new changes to the food packaging industry.
What will happen in the next 2012 packaging machinery industry in 2011? With the increasing demands of the international community on the food packaging industry, the competition is also fierce. Behind the prosperity of the domestic and foreign packaging machinery market is playing a market competition.
Reality of food packaging machinery industry: domestic and overseas
As we all know, China's food machinery enterprises are large in number, small in scale and low in science and technology. Only about 5% of the domestic food packaging machinery enterprises have the production capacity of the whole package system, and can compete with international enterprises such as Japan, Germany and Italy. Most small food enterprises can only rely on the imported packaging machinery. According to the relevant data, in 2010, China's food and packaging machinery mainly imported from Europe, the import amount of packaging machinery was 2 billion 98 million US dollars, accounting for 70.71% of the total packaging machinery, up 40.94% from the same period. It can be seen that the domestic demand for packaging machinery is large, but the domestic packaging machinery technology has failed to meet the needs of the food enterprises, and the import of domestic packaging machinery and equipment has increased unabated.
Europe and the United States, with its strong economic and technological advantages, have great pressure on China's food packaging machinery enterprises. For example, Wells' Dairy, located in lamas, Iowa, is a highly automated dairy processing enterprise. It cooperates with Kuka Robotics to develop a palletizing robot that can still operate reliably under extremely cold conditions. This robot can greatly guarantee product quality and packaging speed. In the packaging machinery industry, it is regarded as a unique new technology, and it is also a weapon for the enterprise to realize globalization strategy.
Prospects for food packaging machinery industry: opportunities and challenges
The food machinery industry is a sunrise industry. It has enormous potential for development. Our country is known as the "big factory" of food processing in the future. According to relevant data, China's annual canned fruit output is 1 million 200 thousand tons, about 600 thousand tons exported to foreign countries, accounting for about 1/6 of the global market. In addition to the hard social demand, our government has taken corresponding encouragement measures to promote the transformation of food machinery enterprises to industrialization, information and market orientation, and help enterprises to break through the difficulties of capital and technology.
Visiongain, a well-known international investigative agency, has also boldly predicted that the global market for food and beverage packaging will reach $11 billion 700 million in 2011 through a survey of the development trends and trajectories of the global food packaging and beverage companies in the world in recent years. And predicted that the packaging machinery will undergo revolutionary changes in the next ten years, which will bring new opportunities for the food and beverage packaging industry.
The development of packaging machinery is not going smoothly. It will face greater challenges. In China, the food industry is more dispersed, and there are more small workshops. According to statistics, there are 45 food production enterprises in China, of which 80% are small workshops under 10 people. Because of the small scale and shortage of funds, mechanized production is difficult to be applied, which is a hindrance to the development of food machinery in China.
Packaging machinery industry will also have a long time in China. Many packaging enterprises aim at foreign countries, but the competition in foreign markets is more intense. Germany, Italy and Japan have formed the "iron triangle" of the packaging machinery industry. Their technical level has an overwhelming advantage for the Chinese packaging machinery enterprises. Only a handful of Chinese enterprises can stand on the international stage. Guangdong Hai Chuan is one of the excellent multinational enterprises, and its products are sold all over the world. Senior computer combined scale research expert Shaw engineer said that the development road of Chinese packaging machinery enterprises is still very long, the long road will inevitably encounter various challenges, with the support of the government, actively studying foreign advanced experience, and strengthening independent research and development, can we make progress.